Birth is one of the Most Important
Steps in Your Life's Path

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Birthing, like life, presents a myriad of variables that can feel overwhelming and impossible to make the “right” choices. Feeling frozen with fear and anxiety is understandable, whether this is your first birth or whether you are hoping for a different birthing experience than the one(s) you’ve had.  From prenatal, through birthing, to postnatal needs and concerns, you can find your comfort zone and feel ready, able and courageous enough to face all the aspects of your birthing experience. 


My name is Meggin Dolberg.  I am a mother of six. My life as a birther has been varied, I’ve birthed in a US hospital, a Panamanian hospital, at a birthing center and at home. I have birthed with different partners, as a single-newly widowed mother; I’ve experienced birth with medication and without, in water, in serenity, and in confusion. I’ve also experienced birth as a supporter to a sister and a daughter. Each experience was filled with so many variables, some negative, some positive. My first birth experience felt long and traumatic largely because I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t prepared. With each subsequent experience I learned and my learning turned into me growing and unveiling myself, first to me and then to everyone else. Each experience was a personal triumph because I learned that I was capable of doing hard things. Surviving hard things. Triumphing over hard things. Birthing is the business of becoming and it is a sacred and individual process each time.  Justas the fern begins its life as a tightly wound koru and through time and experience unfurls into a mature and majestic complex plant, so do we as humans unfurl our potential and become majestic and complex through walking our life’s path. Birthing and nurturing the children that have come to me have been one of the most important steps on my path.

I promise you can find the understanding and courage to walk confidently down your birthing path. I would be honored to join you in your journey. We can do this together.

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